Wrestling Star has 6 strength and 4 health. He cost 6 brains and is part of the beastly class.

Wrestling Star

he has the frenzy trait.

His ability is: When played: Swap the positions of two plants.

He is a Professional Sports Zombie and is Uncommon

Description: He did most of his wrestling in the WWZ and not once did he get called for a foul.




Theres not much you can do with this character except tank with him. It'll be pretty rare if there are two exact plants you want to swap out. This is good against team up plants because you can swap that magnifying Grass that's hiding behind this primal wallnut, but that's really it. This is good against Wallnuts because they have six health while this has six strength and frenzy. You could also take plants out the annoying amphibious with this.


You shouldn't need to worry about this guy moving your plants around. All you want to to is get rid of this before it can hurt your hero. You could use team up plants whose strength add up to four or simply get rid of it with a trick.


  • Wrestling Star represents a Mexican wrestler.
  • Its the only zombie who wears a full-head mask.
  • He's the fifth sports zombie with a gun.
  • His spiky armor in a way represents giga football zombie.
  • In his description, it mentions "WWZ" which is a zombie parady of WWE which is an American Pro Wrestling league.
  • This is odd considering that Wrestling star is based off a Mexican wrestler.
  • This zombie belongs to Antonio, IAmDawny, and TheNileQuacadile.

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