"They like to move and strike the zombie hero while still being eco-friendly and bouncing!
" Crazy Dave
"They are FAST fighters with many tricks - and treats up their sleeves, moving a lot!
" Crazy Dave

Windy is a PvZH class made by Dzaky84.


  • Move - This card can move itself or another card to a different lane
  • Double strike - Any fighter with this trait does a bonus attack after combat in its lane, but only if that fighter is not destroyed during combat.
  • Lob - Attack the opposing hero first before overshoot can attack.
  • Environmentalist - This card gets +X/+X on an environment, heights or water.
  • Bounce - Return a fighter into back into its hand.


Hero Picture Classes Super Powers Description



Signature superpower

  • Tricky Typhoon: Bounce everything here, zombies can't be played here for the next 2 turns.

Other superpowers

  • Empty Strike: Do 2 damage, the zombie hero loses 3 block meters
  • Whirlwind
  • Air Force: Summon a random 2 cost plant in the heights
Don't call her sweety
Cloud catcher
Cloud catcher

cloud catcher


Signature Superpower

  • Owl Dash: Do 2 damage to a ground lane, bounce a plant there. Copies of that plants cost 1 less

Other Superpower

  • Root up
  • Falling Clouds: Summon 2 cloud nuts on random lanes, it gets +2 strength
  • Eco-Friendly walk: Move a plant, conjure an enviroment
Saved an owl from a burning forest.
Green typhoon
Green thypoon

Signature Superpower

  • Boosting Bet: A plant gets +2/+2, another random plabt may get -1/-1 or +1/+1

Other Superpowers

  • Eco-Friendly Walk
  • Embiggen
  • Air Force
Once blow up a candle when still aa seedling
Wind Maker
Wind maker

Signature Superpower

  • Meditation: Heal the plant hero every 3 turns, a plant get -1/-1.

Other Superpowers

  • Geyser
  • Breeze Wish: A plant get +1 health, it gets a random ability or trait.
  • Weed Whack
"Wind goes from hot air to cold air", He used ice packs to cool himself
Bananas Blower
Bananas blower

Signature Superpower

  • Gone Bananas!: Do 3 damage and 1 to a plant, conjure a card from a random class

Other Superpowers

  • Meteor Strike
  • Empty Strike
  • Bionana Lab: Plant played here gain Lob 1
Everyone agrees that Prof.Banda is totally BANANAS! He likes to be out-of-class.

Additional heroes (your hero creation)


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Basic- Common

Name Pic Tribe Cost Health Strength Abilities Description
Wind bean Bean Plant 1 1 1 - "Help me! I can't land back!"
Flower striker Flower Plant 1 2 1 Double Strike
Cantaloupber Fruit Plant 1 1 2 Lob 1
Broccolounce Flower Plant 2 2 3 When played: Bounce a zombie in the ground
Fighting spirit Fruit Trick 3 - - A plant gains Double Strike Attack once more!
Leapy Leaf Leaf Plant 2 3 2 When a zombie is played: Move into a random lane, Team-up Leaping from the ground to the height sure is hard

Premium - Uncommon

Name Pic Tribe Cost Health Strength Abilities Desctiption
Dandelion Puff Flower Plant 2 1 1 Lob 2 Not copying a certain zombie or anything..
A Summit Enviroment 1 - - Act as a height lane To sum mit up, it's a summit
Spin and Pin Trick 2 - - Move a zombie, it gets Hunted  Never ever run away from a grizzly pear, wait..
Adapting Allium Flower Plant 2 1 1


When played in a plant enviroment, gain +3/2. When played in a zombie enviroment, gain +2/3

Adapting is the key to survival!
Forcefull Wind Trick 3 - - Move everything to the right, if a non-amphibious Fighter is moved to the water lane, Bounce it.

Premium - Rare

Name Pic Tribe Cost Health Strength Abilities Description
Gravitation Carrot
Gravitation carrot card
Root Plant 3 3 2 Plants can be played in the amphibious lane.
O2rchid Flower Plant 4 4 3

End of turn: Conjure a card, it gets Amphibious

Dandelion Field Flower Enviroment 3 - - Plants here gain Lob 3 Dandelions? On the field?
Rafflesia Flower Plant 5 4 5 When played: Move all zombies here and next door into an empty lane. If it has 3 strength or less destroy it Only garlic understands her
Wind-mint Leafy Plant 3 3 1 Bounce a zombie, a plant gains +2/+1 Wind mills are wind-mint's favourite Meals
Map-le Tree Tree Plant 4 5 3 Move a plant into a lane with the weakest zombie, When destroyed: Conjure a Map-le Leaf

Premium - Super-Rare

Name Pic Tribe Cost Health Strength Abilities Description
Elegant Berry
Elegant berry pvzh card
Berry Plant 2 2 1 When played: Reduce the cost of all tricks in your hand by 1.
Frost Winds Coming Soon! Trick 3 N/A N/A Freeze everything on the ground. Draw a card.
Rolling Flower
Rolling flower card
Flower Plant 5 4 3 Armored 1, When played on heights: Move into a random ground lane and destroy zombie there.
Power Puff Flower Trick 3 - - All flower plants gain +3 strength

Premium - Legendary

Name Pic Tribe Cost Health Strength Abilities Description
Button Cotton
Button cotton pvzh card
Flower Plant 5 3 3 When a plant is played: That plant does a bonus attack.
Windy Willow Tree Plant 4 6 4 Every plant gains +2/+2
Colonimbush Leafy Plant 7 5 7 Splash Damage 1, When played on heights: This lose its trait and now attack the two lane to the right


Name Pic Tribe Cost Health Strength Abilities Description
Defensive Carroot
Defensive carroot pvzh card
Root Plant 2 6 1 After 3 turns: This transforms into an Aggressive Carroot.
Dandelion Flower Plant 4 3 4 Lob 3, When played: Conjure a card, it gets Lob 1
Mower Mallet Trick 5 - - Destroy every zombie on ground, if it destroy a zombie with 3 strength or less, conjure a card

Galactic - Uncommon

Name Pic Tribe Cost Health Strength Abilities Description
Tater Typhoon Root Trick 2 - - Play a root plant here and it gains "When destroyed: Conjure a root"
Striking And Tricking Trick 4 - - Do 3 damage, conjure a trick

Galactic - Rare

Name Pic Tribe Cost Health Strength Abilities Description

Galactic - Super-Rare

Name Pic Tribe Cost Health Strength Abilities Description

Galactic - Legendary

Name Pic Tribe Cost Health Strength Abilities Description


Name Pic Tribe Cost Health Strength Abilities Description
Aggresive Carroot
Attacking carroot pvzh card
Root Plant 5 2 6

When destroyed:

Conjure a plant, it gains +2/-1 and Team-Up

Map-le Leaf Leaf Plant 2 3 2 Move a zombie into a lane with the strongest plant, if it has 2 strength or less, destroy it


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  • This is the first class to be made by Dzaky84
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