Whirlpool is a Premium uncommon plant environment card in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and a member of the Aquatic class. It costs 2 to play, and its ability makes zombies played here loses -1/-1 and plants here gain +1/+1.


It is based on a whirlpool


  • Class: Aquatic
  • Tribe:  Environment
  • Ability: Amphibious, zombies played here loses -1/-1 and plants here gain +1/+1.
  • Set - Rarity: Premium - Uncommon

Card description[1]

Whirlpool is just a water thypoon



It would be good to wait before you put up this Envirenment. If you see a zombie with either on health or one strength or both, then put this Envirenment at the lane. If you see that a plant and a zombie would cancel out in lane, then place this Envirenment there so they won't cancel out and that plant would still have 1 health left. Note that when that Envirenment is gone that the plants there would lose 1/1.


There are many simple thi to do, going up against this Envirenment. If you want the easy, short way out, then place a zombie envirenment on top of this one. If you don't have any envirenments, then buff the zombie who's strength and health got lost. If you have a moving trick, then moving the zombie Is always an option.


  • The whirlpool picture kind of represents the shadow icon.
  • Even though is a water Envirenment, this isn't an amphibious Envirenment.
  • The closest zombie counter is Solar Eclipse.
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