Tennis Star has 2 strength and 6 health. He cost 5 brains and is part of the crazy class.

Tennis Star

trait which is overshoot 3.

His ability is: After combat here: this moves to random lane.

He is a professional Sports Zombie and is Uncommon.

Description: "I'm universal... Fine! I'm not that type of star."




Tennis Star moves around A LOT. Its also random so you can always know where he'll end up next. If your lucky, he might move a lane to the right so he could attack again but hopefully if he does he won't move in front of someone with high strength or a bad plant envirenment.


Once again this zombie moves randomly so you can stop it by putting higher strength plants to the right of this or you can put harmful envirenment down so this can kill itself. Or you could use Amble Bean (PvzH) so the Tennis star cant move itself.


  • Im pretty sure this is the outfit that Tennis players wore in the 80s.
  • Funny enough, that's the same headband AND Afro that Boom Box Zombie (PvzH) has.
  • He is now the third sports zombie with a gun.
  • He is the second All Star with natural hair, first being Hockey Star.

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