Note that on the tables, we are merely trying to decide card rarities. Not all cards are Legendaries.

Sunken Shores is a fanmade Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes set made by TheNileGuacadile and helped by Dzaky84. It is themed around the ocean, beaches, underwater, and islands. It features new heroes and many, many new cards.

As an opening to the set, each player gets 2 Sunken Shores packs.

This set also introduces new tribes such as Seashell and Kelp for the plants and Tropical and Diver for the zombies


After the invasion of Hollow Earth, a map was found to the mystical realm of Atplantis, home to treasures untold. As the two sides struggled to find reinforcements, a whole new world was discovered under the ocean. Many new plants and zombies flocked to their sides, eager to stop the other before they found the underwater palace. New advancements in amphibious technology allowed for the creation (and removal) of water.

While some forces explored the depths, other took the islands, hoping for clues to Atplantis's location. They didn't find anything useful- other than nature loving and tribal plants and zombies.

Sunken Shores packs available in the store now!

New Tribes

  • Seashell - Plant exclusive
  • Kelp - Plant exclusive
  • Tropical - Zombie exclusive
  • Diver - Zombie exclusive
  • Machine - Zombie Exclusive

New Traits

  • Stun - This card cannot use their ability for 1 turn.
  • Stealth - This card is ignored by other fighters. Their attacks hit the hero instead. Untrickable cancels out this effect

Existing Card Changes

New Heroes


Hero Image Classes Superpowers Hero version of...
Tacticactus (Placeholder) Kabloom/Solar
  • Signature:
    • Missile Thistle: Make an unmovable, unbuffable Thistle Silo with 0/3. If you do, do 5 damage to a zombie or 4 unblockable damage to the zombie hero.
  • Others:
    • Barrel Bomb:  Do 2 damage to all zombies and 1 damage to all plants in the ground lanes.
    • Spike Armor: When a zombie hurt your hero this turn, do half that damage to the zombie. If they did one damage, destroy them.
    • Ticking Bomb: Do 1 damage to any fighter for 3 turns
Galacti-Cactus or some other barrel cactus.
Cobra Lily (Placeholder) Smarty/Mega-Grow
  • Signature:
    • Late Bloomer: Make a random plant in the water lane that costs 5 or less. It gets Amphibious and End of turn: Gain +1/+1
  • Others:
    • Cobra Constrict thanks, venera: A Zombie gets -2. Destroy that Zombie if it has 0. Draw a card.
    • Hoodwink: Move a zombie. Plants in the lane it was in get +1/+1.
Lily Pad


Hero Image Classes Superpowers Hero version of...
Pollutron (Placeholder) Hearty/Sneaky
  •   Signature:
    • Deadly Dive: Conjure an Amphibious zombie and it gets Deadly.
  • Other:
    • Possessed
    • Super Stench
    • Toxic Thrower: 2/4, When played: A zombie gains Deadly.
Toxic Waste Imp
Shark Tank (Placeholder) Beastly/Crazy
  • Signature:
    • Undersea Torpedoes: Do 2 damage 3 times in a lane. All zombies in your hand get +1/0 for each plant destroyed.
  • Other:
    • Shark bite: Do 2 damage to plants here and next door
Zombot Sharkotronic Sub and Foot Soldier Zombie

Card Distribution

I really just have this here so I can remember. This is just a rough thing, most likely some classes will have more/less.

  • Legendary - 2
  • Super-Rare - 3
  • Rare - 4
  • Uncommon - 5

Plant Cards


Card Image Tribes Strength Health Sun Abilities Flavor Text
Lemon Shark Animal Fruit Plant 4 3 4 Amphibious

Destroy a zombie here with 3 or less. If you do, this gets +2

Nutilis Seashell Nut Plant 4 4 5 Amphibious, Armored 1
Raining Nuts Nut Trick - - 3 Make 2 random nuts on ground lanes.
Garshield Root plant 1 4 2 When a zombie is played next door: It can't attack this turn


Card Image Tribes Strength Health Sun Abilities Flavor Text
Puffer Pear Fruit Animal Plant 3 5 4

End of turn: Do 3 damage here and nextdoor

Orchid Mantis Animal Flower Plant 5 2 4 When this is played: This has Stealthed for one turn.
Pearrot Fruit Animal Plant - - 5 When played: This copies the and of a zombie here +1/+1


Card Image Tribes Strength Health Sun Abilities Flavor Text
Sea Shellery Leafy Seashell Plant 3 5 3

Seashell Evolution: This does a bonus attack

Jumble Weed Kelp Plant 5 4 5 When played: Shuffle all plants
Smack weed Kelp Plant 3 3 4 When played: All kelp plants do a bonus attack
Algaemination Leafy plant - 5 5 When a plant is played: This turn into a random plant, it keeps its ability and stats
Banana Bunch Banana Trick - - 4 Conjure 3 Bananas


Card Image Tribes Strength Health Sun Abilities Flavor Text
Coconut Cannon Nut Plant 5 4 6

Splash damage 2

End of turn: Do a bonus attack

Fire in the hole!
Oxygen Algae Leafy Plant 1 4 1 All plants can be played in the water.
Pear-l Fruit Plant 2 1 1 Conjure a plant. So shiny!
Cephalopod Pea Animal Plant 4 3 5 Amphibious

When you play another Animal: Bounce a zombie.


Card Image Tribes Strength Health Sun Abilities Flavor Text
Tangle Kelp Kelp Trick - - 3

Destroy all zombies in the water.

Nomori Leafy Kelp Plant 1 3 3 Zombies cannot activate their abilities NO MORE!
Seack Weed Kelp Plant 3 4 3

Zombies and zombie hero cannot be healed

When played: All plants get -1/-1

He got issues with the sea
Healgae Leafy Plant 4 3 5

End of turn: Heal all plants for 1

Start of turn: Gain 1 extra health

Banana Splitted Banana Trick - - 4 Halve a zombie's attack and health.


Kelp Trick - - 5 All zombies get -2/-2

Zombie Cards


Card Image Tribes Strength Health Brains Abilities Flavor Text
Kraken Monster Pet Zombie 7 7 8


When played in the water: If a plant is played here or next door, destroy it. This gains +1 strength

Marine Biologist Science Pet Zombie 3 4 4 When a card is played on the water lane: This gets +2/+2
Octorpedo Pet Trick - - 5 Destroy all Amphibious plants on the field and in the Plant Hero's hand.
Castaway Zombie Zombie 2 3 2 Frenzy
Seafood Chef Gourmet Zombie 4 3 4 Start of Turn: Give a zombie +2/2 for each Amphibious plant.


Card Image Tribes Strength Health Brains Abilities Flavor Text
Paleontologist Zombie History Science Zombie 3 5 4 When this destroys a plant: Conjure a zombie with Dino-Roar. He wasn't around when the dinosaurs were, but he did... uh...
Seashell Collector Professional Zombie 2 5 3 When played: The plant hero conjures a Seashell plant. The zombie hero gets brains equal to what it costs.
Tropical Scientist Science Tropical Zombie 4 2 2 When played: Conjure a pet.
Film Director Professional Zombie 3 4 4 Conjure two Monster or History cards.
Bartender Zombie Party Gourmet Zombie 3 2 3 When you play a zombie: Draw a card.


Card Image Tribes Strength Health Brains Abilities Flavor Text
Shooting Superstar Professional Diver Zombie 4 3 5 Amphibious

Overshoot 3

Fisherman Zombie Professional Diver Zombie 3 4 3 Overshoot 1

Move a random plant into the water lane. If it's not Amphibious, destroy it

Limbo Dancer Tropical Dancing Party Zombie 3 2 2 -
Castaway Dancer Tropical Dancing Zombie 3 4 4 Amphibious, When played in water: Move into a random lane and gain Overshoot 1
Blowgun Castaway Tropical Zombie 4 3 4 Bullseye
Nature Photographer Zombie When this hurts a plant: Stun that plant.
Barracuda Barrager Pet Zombie 3 2 4 This attacks twice.


Card Image Tribes Strength Health Brains Abilities Flavor Text
Tourist Zombie Tropical Party Zombie 1 2 1 When a Party or Tropical zombie is played: This gets +1/+2
Limbo Party Tropical party Environment - - 3 Zombies here gain party tribe and gain +1/+2
Sand Castle Tropical Zombie 1 3 2 Fusion: A zombie gets +3
Sand Dunes Environment - - 4 Zombies here gain +2 strength and armored 1
Singing Siren Monster Zombie 4 6 5 Frenzy

When played: Move a plant to this lane.

Lifeguard Zombie Professional Zombie 3 5 4 When a zombie with 4 or more is destroyed: Gain a copy of that zombie with half of its original stats.
Castaway Shaman Professional Zombie 2 5 4 Start of Turn: Heal a zombie or your hero for 3.
Bulldozer Machine Trick - - 3 Destroy a heights lane, water lane, or environment.


Card Image Tribes Strength Health Brains Abilities Flavor Text
Dodo Rider Pet Imp Zombie 3 3 3 When a plant is played here: This moves to the right.
Submarine Operator Science Diver Zombie 2 3 3 Make a Super Sub with 0/2 in a water lane.
Super Sub Machine Barrel Zombie 0 2 1 Amphibious

Fusion: A zombie gains Amphibious.

Spearhunting Castaway Zombie 3 1 3 Strikethrough
Ice Cream Truck Gourmet Machine Zombie 3 4 4 Start of Turn: Move this zombie.

When this exits a lane: Freeze all plants there.

Changes (this stuff is boring so im putting it at the bottom)

Loading Screen and Icon

Mobile Icon

  • The mobile app icon now is a picture of Super Brainz wearing a Hawaiin shirt and scuba goggles with a snorkel.

Loading Screen

  • The progress bar at the bottom now shows Huge Giganticus, Beta-Carrotina, Tacticactus, Pollutron, Shark Tank, and Cobra Lily's faces.
  • Z-Mech's face in the loading bar is more defined.
  • The loading screen now shows Super Brainz and Green Shadow underwater in Scuba Gear with Cobra Lily and Pollutron behind them.


  • The main menu theme now has a tropical feeling such as ukulele, waves, and other things.
  • There is a new option that gives you the ability to change the main menu theme.

Plant and Zombie Missions


  • Cobra Lily and Tacticactus have been added to zombie missions, while Pollutron And Shark Tank has been added to plant missions.

Mission Order

  • Missions have been reset to zero. Super Brainz and Green Shadow are now the first heroes you will face, respectively, and all subsequent missions have randomized heroes featured.
  • There is no longer a limit of 200 missions.
  • The same hero will not occur more than once within 5 missions and more than twice within 15.


  • Completing a group of 5 missions will now grant you 30 gems.
  • Completing a group of 25 missions will now grant you 2 free packs of any type from the store.

Hero AI

  • Heroes will now know about and use synergy.
  • AI heroes will now use cards from different sets more frequently.
  • AI heroes can no longer use cards not in their classes.



  • The store now has the appearance of being on a brown wooden shelf rather than the current store.


  • Sparks are now obtainable in the store, for:
    • 50 for 50 gems
    • 250 for 150 gems
    • 100 for 500 gems
    • 2500 for 1200 gems

Hero Section

  • There is a new "hero" section in the store, where all hero packs are displayed. The two heroes of the week are on top.

Galactic Gardens Packs

  • Huge-Giganticus and Beta-Carrotina are now available in Galactic Packs.
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