Special Ed has 2 strength and 2 health. He cost 3 brains and is part of the Brainy Class.

Special Ed

He has no traits.

His ability is: At the start of the turn: you get +1 brain this turn.

He is a Professional Gourmet Zombie and is Uncommon.

Description: "DONUTS!!!!!!!"




Special Ed is sort of like a sunflower except with strength. you can use this just for combat to destroy plants with 2 health. If you let this survive, it can give you a brain so keep this away from other plants if you want the brain. You can Also buff it's health to keep it from dying.


Attack wise, this zombie isn't much of a threat. Just make sure there isn't Disconauts around to this doesn't get bullseye. If you don't want the zombie hero to gain a brain, then destroy it immediately. Since it only has 2 health. It should be easy to destroy.


  • This zombie is based off a zombie that LuigiFan00001 made named, Ed.
  • Antonio just adopted him, since Luigi doesn't use him anymore.
  • His name is a pun on "Special Education" which is a class for people with mental and physical disabilites.
  • Funny enough, Ed acts like he is autistic.
  • The reason why he gives you brains is because, well he doesn't like the taste of brains. He really LOVES donuts though.
  • He is the only zombie we know of that doesn't like the taste of brains.
  • That pink frosted donut is based off the donut that the Simpsons ate.
  • This zombie belongs to Antonio, IAmDawny, TheNileQuacadile, and of course LuigiFan00001.

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