These are the following concepts of the Rainy Roadway.




The second premium plants were hard to think because the lack of plant, here are some unused premium:

  1. Colonimbush*
  2. Slippery pepper
  3. Patrol pepper*
  4. Roadten tomato

Normal plants

In the first update, there are only 5 plants however it changed to 6. The new plant is aquaterran tulip.

Aquaterran tulip beta name was Dirtulip, which can create dirt tiles. This was changed to counter watering can and bucket holder zombie while also still counter construction worker.


The umbrella zombie were originally planned to have a conhead and buckethead variants, this was cancelled due to how many zombies there are


This world was originally called Soggy Sideroad, and only contains Roadside tiles. This was changed because Dzaky84 is stupid.