Plant Cost Rarity Strength Health Range Special Weakness Boost
Peashooter 10 Common 11 12 Far N/A N/A N/A
Wall-Nut 5 Common 0 200 N/A Protects Swarming


Potato Mine 5 Common 40 1 Extremely


Arming-18 seconds Not being armed N/A
Snow Pea 12 Uncommon 10 12 Far Chills Zombies Fire attacks(Undo chills)(Melts this into a peashooter) Can get rid of zombie's


NightShade 7 Uncommon 10 10 Far-ish Moon boost:

+2 strength every attack.

None. Shadow
Tall-Nut 17 Uncommon 0 350 N/A Blocks flying zombies.


Swarming Zombies(+4) Blocks flying zombies.
Cherry Bomb 25 Uncommon 500 N/A Close Blows up automatically Relights fire. N/A
Chomper 12 Uncommon 0 15 Close Eats zombies, but takes 10 seconds to digest. Has to reload Has a 35% to burp and push zombies back.
Banana Launcher 35 Rare 400 25 Anywhere Arming-20 seconds. Fires anywhere Reloads Can hit anywhere
Dusk Lobber 10 Rare 15 12 Far-ish Moon Boost:

Attacks twice per attack. With splash damage 5(The splash damage does half as much damage but splashes up to 5 zombies.)

Flying zombies aren't affected by the splash-damage. Shadow
Parsnip 15 Super-Rare 25 15 Close Dashes down dealing 35 damage to each zombie straight down when defeated N/A Has a defeated attack.
Gravitree 10 Ultimate 5 222 Far Attracts zombies over here and zombies in water drown. Apples this throws has a 63% chance to stun, and a 10% to knock back. Fire instantly burns this.

(Moving Zombies can sometimes be bad)

Special Projectiles.

Moves zombies

Aloe 0 Exclusive 0 4 Close Heals plants in it's range Extremely Low Health

No attack

Items(Items you attach to the selected plant, but you can only have 3 attached per plant.(And 1 more is attachable per level.)(No duplicate items to attach the same plants.):

Item Rarity Ability Usable by: Desc.
Dirt Common +2 health

Bonus:+1 health per

5 attack the plant has.

Any ground plant Nothin' like some good old

dirt to really get a plant going!



Common Attacks towards this do -1 damage. Flowers. Bloom for the zombies doom!
Shovel Common +5% attack speed

+3% bonus per ability

the plant has.

Any plant Was going to help plants do

yoga, but is doing this instead.

Mint Common +70% to mint effects Any plant with a Mint attached that is their correct tribe.
Seeds Common +10% to survive the final


Fruit, Squash, Tree,

and Pea plants

Sometimes, you grow back.
Soil Uncommon +1 Strength

Bonus: +1 Strength per 10

health the plant has.

Only plants with

strength.(Even with items)

Soiling Zomboss's plans isn't enough soil! So get them more!


Uncommon +3 health.

The plant this is on heals 1 per 2 seconds.

Heals x2 as fast to water

plants. 15 is the maximum heals this will do.(20 for water plants)

Any plants
Darkness Uncommon +50% to the Moon boost. Shadow Plants In an ally coming near you...or are you coming to it?
Point Rare +5 Strength. +3% to instantly kill the zombie Parsnip, Bonk Choy, Chomper, and Wasabi Whip. Ka-SHING
Fertilizer Super-Rare +3S+6H and +10% to all %s on this plant Any plant ...To busy devouring fertilizer to talk, sorry...