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Deep Space Dragonfruit HD

Hammer Time!

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This Is the Calamity Course set for PvzH. __cards are introduced and __ heroes are introduced. This belongs to Antonio and IAmDawny.

Pack Stats

Rarity Amount Percentage Crafting
Uncommon At least 3 100% (3) 50 Sparks
Rare At least 1 100% (1) 250 Sparks
Super-Rare - 30% 1000 Sparks
Legendary - 10% 4000 Sparks
Limited Edition only get up to 1 a week. 5% 4500 Sparks
Hero - 3% 750 Gems

Plant Cards


Plant Name Cost Rarity Tribe(S) Strength Health Ability Ap-PEAR-ance:
Plant Pot 2 Uncommon Root Seed Plant 0 3 Armored 1


A plant heregains the health this had, and Armored 1.

Y'all Nut 3 Rare Bow Tie Nut


1 5 When Played:Heal the health of a plant to full.
Magnet Shroom 4 Uncommon Mushroom Plant 4 3 Start of turn: a zombie loses Armored, then another plant gets +2 health.
Infi-Nut 3 Uncommon Nut Plant 0 6 Team-Up

Start of turn:

This gets +2 health

Night-Nut 3 Uncommon Nut Plant 0 6 Team-Up

When Played: Zombies here have 0 this turn.

He is sitting on

a cat bed with pajamas


Maize Maze 3 Super Rare Corn


- - Plants here have a 50% chance of not being hurt by zombies here.
Rock Pea 4 Super Rare Pea Plant 0 4 This attacks using health instead of strength.

Splash Damage: As much as its health.

Shamstop 4 Uncommon Leafy Bow Tie


3 4 When a Gargantuar is played here: Start of turn:

Double this fighter's strength and health.

Knight Pea 4 Super-Rare Pea Plant 2 4 Bullseye Team-Up Armored 1

When played in front of a plant:

This gains Armored 2.

The picture(By Antonio):
Kight Pea-1
Bandit Cactus 5 Rare Cactus Plant 2 4 Double-Strike


When a cactus hurts the zombie hero:

That cactus gets +1 strength

Pykrete 5 Rare Tree Plant 0 7 When hurt: Do that same amount of damage here.
Tree Frog 5 Rare Tree Animal


0 5 This attacks using health instead of strength.

Animal Evolution: Gain a Grape Responsibility.

Broccolisaurous 5 Legendary Leafy Animal Plant 0 6 This attacks using health instead of strength.


This gets +2 health.

Water Wars 5 Uncommon Environment - - This lane acts like an amphibious lane.


Plant Name Cost Rarity Tribe(S) Strength Health Ability Ap-PEAR-ance
Sandy place 2 Uncommon Environment - - Zombies here get -1-1, and can't use Strikethrough.
Sandy place
Pharaoh Plant 4 Super-Rare Leafy Plant 3 4 When played: make a Sandy Place here and in the next-door ground lanes. (See above)
Pharaoh plant card




Shadow Pea Plant 3 2 When this

hurts a zombie:

That zombie may get

-1 strength.

When destroyed:

Destroy a zombie here.

The Picture(By Antonio)
Shadow Pea


Plant Cost Rarity Tribe(S) Strength Health Abilities A-PEAR-ance
Mini Flower 1 Uncommon Flower 1 1 When Played: This does a bonus attack. Is a tiny pink flower that is smiling, and only has 1 leaf.
Goo Pea 2 Rare Pea 3 2 Antihero 2

When a zombie is played here, this gets +1 strength

Yeah, I know this be kabloom but whatever
Mustachio 2 Uncommon Nut 2 2 This gets +1/+1 when a zombie is played here.
Plantain 3 Rare Banana 1 2 When played next to a plant: make a plant that cost 2 or less in a random lane, then it gets +1/+1
Plantician 3 Rare Pea 4 3 Bullseye; When played: conjure a plant that has been destroyed
Plasma Pea 3 Rare Pea 2 3 After Combat here: this gets +2 strength


5 Rare Leafy

Dragon Plant

2 4 When this does damage: Another plant gets


Is like a snapdragon but with a brighter green and lots of leaves.


3 Super-Rare Leafy Plant 3 2 When played: All plants in your hand get +1/+1. Is a huge vine with so many leaves you can only see 1 of it's eyes.
DJ Plant Mix 4 Legendary Leafy Flower Plant 2 7 End of turn:

Randomly shuffle all plants around.

Then each plant gets +1 strength.

Image by Dawny:
DJ Plant Mix


Shadow Pea

Shadow Pea

Pharaoh plant card

Pharaoh plant

Pharaoh plant

Pharaoh plant full

Sandy place

Sandy place