Physical Ed has 1 health and 1 strength. He cost 1 brain and is part of the hearty class.

Physical Ed

He has no traits.

His ability is: At the end of the turn, a zombie gets +1/+1.

He is a sports Ed zombie and is uncommon.

Description: He got the job just to blow the whistle.




If you want your zombies to gain health and strength then you need to keep this zombie alive since it's probably going to die. You can either put this zombie in front of the plants hero with no plants here or you buff the health of this zombie with tricks like, camel crossing and possess. You can also keep it alive fora turn with zombie Coach.

For its ability, you can buff the zombies who are about to die next turn or use it to buff one zombie if there are no others. Buffing zombies with armor is highly recommended.


This zombie is very easy to kill but just watch out for the sports synergy and +1/+1 is usually not a big deal to a zombie but don't let it survive for too long. Of you need to, use a small trick to destroy this like banana launch.


  • Physical Ed sort of resembles Zombie Coach
  • Its the only Ed zombie that cost 1 brain.
  • This zombie belongs to Antonio, IAmDawny, TheNileQuacadile, and of course LuigiFan00001.

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