Parachuter has 2 strength and 1 health. He cost 2 brains and is part of the crazy class.


He has no traits.

His ability is: If this survives at the end of the turn: create a random environment here.

He is a professional mustache zombie and is rare.

Description: He used to have 5 health but you know... All that falling...




It would be hard to keep this zombie alive, especially since it cost 2 and has one health. It would be good to wait after turn 2 (maybe around turn 4) to use this guy. Why? So you can give him a little more health to survive. If you are lucky, can get a good environment before turn 4 or 5 so have them early on in the game.


It is super easy to destroy this zombie since this has only 1 health. But to prevent this zombie from getting buffed health, you could play Brainana or black eyed peas to make the zombie hero think again. But if the Parachuter happens to get the environment out, you can over run that environment with one of your own.


  • This zombie is based off the Lost Pilot Zombie from Pvz2.
  • The animation it does when creating the environment is similar to when the Lost Pilot Zombie falls to the ground.
  • His description was inspired by bonkchoy's description where "he used to have 2 teeth".
  • This zombie belongs to Antonio, IAmDawny, and TheNileQuacodile.

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