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Deep Space Dragonfruit HD

Hammer Time!

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Plant-et is the next world after "Modern Day". And you unlock this from beating "Modern Day". 
Overpowering Plant-et
222 x 330px
Is unlocked from beating "Modern Day".




Tractor-Tron 1000

New Plants



1 ultra jalapeno

New Zombies

Astronaut, Astro-Cone, Astro-Buckethead, Space Cadet, Mutant, Bucket-Borg, Force Field generator, Rock Zombie, Cadet Gargantuar, Cadet Imp, and Astroid Zombie.

Beating Rewards

An Universal Key


This is just fan-mad it is not actually real content.

Also the plants are down.

Crazy Dave: This planting plants on the moon test is going great!It's like no more Zomboss! Penny: Well, not necessarily...Zomboss is still out there waiting for revenge and brains.Blurry Dr.Zomboss Message: WH-HA-HA! Guess what foolish Earthlings! I am on the moon getting the biggest zombie army ever to blast it off to Earth and destroy EVERYONE! Also devour their brains!

Massive Battle:

Crazy Dave: Where are all the zombies??? Penny: I don't know.

Crazy Dave:Maybe we already beat them all!

Dr.Zomboss Blurry Message: BYE-BYE! With extra brains for ME!

Crazy Dave And Penny: Uh-Oh...


Plant Sun Damage Range Ability Recharge Toughness
50 Normal The



in it's





a plant

this blasts

a fireball

down this lane

which does

x1.5 damage

then this normal


Moderate A bit better

than normal

125 Weak This


Makes a force

field here and next door

infant of it, that survives

20 zombie bites total.

And bounces back lasers

Sluggish Tough
Chilly Pepper
Chilly Pepper2
100 N/A Single use,


Freezes all zombies in

a lane

Slow N/A
Tractor-Beaming Carrotron
Tractor-Beaming Carrotron
150 Normal Any lane Fires lasers that have a

30% chance of moving

zombies into the beginning of their lane, and does x1.5 damage.

Fast Tough
Apple Saucer
Apple Saucer2
300 Heavy Shoots

apple sauce


in it's lane.

Can fly over water, and heats up nearby plants.

Can hit back zombies 1 square with it's apple sauce blasts.(75% of doing that)

Sluggish Normal

Plant Food Abilities:

Astro-shroom - Fires a giant astroid in any selected spot, and unfreezes everything along with destroying all plants and zombies(Most tough zombies can survive it) in that 3x3 area. and leaving a crater that stays there for 30 seconds.

Force-Field - Makes a portal that shoots a giant blast through the lane in-front of this. And restores it's force-field with +50% health.

Chilly Pepper - if you are fast enough, this will freeze all the zombies here and next door, along with removing armor.

Tractor-Beaming Carrotron - Fires 10 lasers(2 per lane) that blast the zombies back dealing HUGE damage.

Apple Saucer - Fires 1 plasma apple that deal x6 than normal apple sauce and zaps zombies. along with surviving going through up to 11 zombies.


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