Moto X Star has 5 strength and 5 health. He cost 5 brains and is part of the beastly class.

Moto X Star.jpeg

He has no traits. 

His ability is: When played: A plant's ability is disabled including traits.

He is a Professional Sports Zombie and is Uncommon

Description: That was the same motor bike he fell off of...




The only time people would really use Moto X Star is for his abilities. It's good to use it with a plant whose ability is "At the end of the turn" or something like that. Dino roar opponents are also good to use it on. Especially Bananasaurus Rex because it's Dino Roar ability and it's double strike trait would be disabled.


There's nothing much you can do to prevent his ability besides waiting after he played it. It is good that he doesn't have gravestone so you don't have to worry when your opponent plays a gravestone and its your turn. All you can really do is wait until he uses this or hope he doesn't use this at all.


  • it is now the fourth sports zombie with a gun
  • it is the only sports zombie with a vehicle
  • its the only sports zombie with mud on him
  • This zombie belongs to Antonio, IAmDawny, and TheNileQuacadile.

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