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Makeup Zombie is a 4/1, costs 3 brains to play, and is a member of the crazy class.

Her ability is: "When

played: another zombie gains a random trait. It is uncommon.



This is a perfect zombie to make usless zombies useful. You could put it on a high strength zombie and hopefully it gets frenzy, bullseye, or even deadly. And for the placement of this card, you can put it in front of an annoying 4 healthed or lower plant. Or you can also place it in front of the hero so it could do 4 whopping damage to the face.


For her ability, all you can really do is just hope the trait the other zombie gets is not important. If it is, you can just tank or destroy the zombie instantly. When she is on the board, you could easily put a 1/1 card in front of her, or use a simple trick like banana launch.


11/18/18-Created with 5/1, being rare.

12/08/18- Strength lowered by 1 👎

12/08/18-Rarity Changed: Rare > Uncommon 👍


  • This is the second zombie with colored lips, first being Steam Punk Jenny.
  • She actually looks better without makeup.
  • This the first page made by IAmDawny but it was all Antonio's idea.
  • This is what she looks without makeup.
    No Makeup Zombie
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