Here is our list of rules. There are only a few simple ones, so we hope you follow the rules so there won't be any problems.

Our 11 commandment:

  1. Don’t edit other people’s stuff without their permission, unless you are an administrator fixing it.
  2. Please be respectful to the other people on this wiki, it's for the best.
  3. Everything on this page has to be Plants vs. Zombies related.
  4. No stealing images or content (With permission to use them it's fine.)
  5. No editing other's articles.
  6. No NSFW content. This includes subjects such as Racism, Sexism, Sexual Content, Drugs, Drug Abuse, Speciesism, and others.
  7. No sockpuppet accounts, if you have one, one of the accounts will be blocked for a short amount of time.
  8. You have to listen to an admin, and if you need help contact one.
  9. No lying, or being hypocritical
  10. Keep most pictures PvZ-related, unless it’s a profile picture.
  11. Don't have pages of just a picture, or so little content. UNLESS, it's in progress or fan art. Because that's what blog posts are for.

Crossover Rules

  • Crossover pages must have the "Crossover Creation" category.
  • They also must have a template as soon as I make it. (TNG)
  • Failure to comply with Crossover rules will result in the following:
    • Notification and message to change page.
    • If not changed in 1 week, deletion of page.

See? These rules are easy to follow. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the following:


  • A 1-Day ban (1 small offense)
  • A 2-day ban (1 small offense) (after 1-day ban)
  • A 1-week ban (3 offenses)
  • A 2-week ban (4 offenses)
  • A month ban (1 major offense)
  • A 3-month ban (multiple major offenses)
  • A half year (6 month) ban (many major repeated offenses)
  • A year ban (10 (7 of which must be major) offenses)
  • An All-time ban (Admins may decide based on circumstances)

We hope you have a fun time coming up with your PvZ ideas, stories, and more!

Obey Zombie

Don't be a fool, be cool!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Admins can talk about people that have broken rules in ANY kinds of ways. And can discuss blocking people, and you can not get mad at us.