Lara Mechalister or Laura Mechalister is one of the protagonist of the game, Plants Vs Zombie: Time And Space.


Lara is a young girl with pale skin and a black hair, her hair form a bang that cover her right eye. She wears a black and white stripes shirt or a black outfit with black skirt. Her eyes is dark red colored and She wear a flower pin on her hair.



Lara is first introduced along with many on the fourth tutorial day, she will be surprised seeing penny. On the fifth and last day, many found coupon for tacos and throw them out into a different time and pushing lara in with crazy dave.



  • Lara is a character in Dzaky84's "The labs".
    • In that story, Lara is a ghost that died during many's time adventure.
    • In her dead state, she can enter her robot form and become Mechalara.
    • Her real name is Laura Mechalister, Her U on her name was accidentaly erased.
    • She died during Many's adventure to The Swamp in the 13's