Golf Star has 3 strength and 5 health. He cost 5 brains and is part of the beastly class.


He has 2 traits which are frenzy and bullseye.

His ability is: when you play a trick: this gets +1 strength.

He is a professional sports zombie and is super rare.

Description: He always gets a 3 pointer homerun at every game. Touch down! Wait!? Are we talking about the same sport.




This zombie is perfect to use in trick decks because they keep gaining strength with each trick played. He's also good to use in front of low strength plants because if this destroys a plant this would attack again thanks to his frenzy ability and the Plant Hero can't block the attack since this also has bullseye. If you had Immortica, you could use a bunch of little tricks and after this gains a lot of strength you could use Lurch for Lunch to finish the plant hero.


Since Golf Star gains more strength with the more tricks they play, you can put out a black eyed pea to make the zombie hero think twice before playing a trick. Or a simpler way is to get rid of it at once with a squash or lawn mower.


  • This zombie first came out in the Legendary Keepers set, with the All Star Zombies (including this) being the mascots for zombies side.
  • This is the second garden warfare varient in the game, first being Captain Flameface.
  • This is the first sports zombie with a gun, which is a golf bag.
  • In his description, he talks about three sports, baseball, football, and basketball. Funny enough, there isn't a basketball star in the game.
  • This is the first zombie created by Antonio. This zombie belongs to Antonio, IAmDawny, and TheNileGuacadile.

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