Existential is plant class. It currently has 6 cards and 3 heroes. Its main focus is to move cards around the board and to and from the hand


  • Teleport - At the end of tricks, this moves to a selected lane
  • Dynamic - Before attack, move this to another lane
  • Anti-Gravity - When an opponent plays a card here, move it to another lane
  • Time Travel - At the end of the turn you may bounce this card with its changed stats and play it for free from now on




Class(es) Signature




Thymeless 0


Existential / Mega-Grow Ultra-Research Life, the Universe and Everything



Violent Violet 0

Violent Violent

Existential / Kabloom Spiral Out Meteor Strike

Hidden Mysteries

Storm Front

Chill Bell Existential / Smarty Frostbite Big Chill

Hidden Mysteries

Life, the Universe and Everything


Card Name

and picture

Strength Health Abilities Tribes Cost Rarity
Sigularibean 1 1 None Galactic Bean Plant 1 Common
Ringularibean 2 2 None Galactic Bean Plant 2 Common
Botanist's Guide to the Galaxy - - Draw a plant, it becomes 4/2 Galactic Trick 3 Common
Wheatzche 2 2 When the does damage: Draw a Nihilist card Nihilist Leafy Plant 3 Common
Hourgrass 4 1 Time Travel Time Leafy Plant 3 Uncommon
Cornthur Dent 2 3 Time TravelWhen first played: Draw Botanist's Guide to the Galaxy Corn Nihilist Plant 3 Rare
Wormholewood 3 3 While this is in play: All plants get Time Travel and Teleport Galactic Time Leafy Plant 7 Legendary