Drivers Ed has 4 strength and 3 health. He cost 4 brains and is part of the sneaky class.

Drivers Ed

He has no traits.

His ability is: When this destroys a plant: this moves to a random lane.

He is an Ed zombie and is rare.

Description: He got an Eddy-five on his drivers test.




This zombie has a lot of strength and can move around a lot. Since this has low health, you can use tricks like Camel Crossing or Vitamin Z to give this more health so this can keep moving to other lanes. If you are lucky, this can move a lane to the right, so this can attack again. If you play this on Killer Whale, not only would Drivers Ed become 6/4, but he also has a chance of moving into the water, for a heavy 6 damage to the face. You can also give this zombie, deadly, since deadly is associated with the sneaky tribe. Deadly is good with this zombie because it would almost always garenteed this zombie to move if he doesn't get destroyed.


If you want the easy way around Drivers Ed, then use removal tricks like Shamrocket or Squash. This otherwise shouldn't be a problem if he moves a lane to the left (unless you have something good over there). If you don't want a weaker plant, to get destroyed, use a team up plant like Wallnut to keep it from getting destroyed.


  • He was the second Ed zombie created.
  • Judging by his appearance, he doesn't look like the best driver.
  • Also, he is just regular Ed with a blue helmet and a name tag.
  • He is the first zombie to appear with a clenched closed mouth.
  • In his description, it says he got an "Eddy-five which is just punning on his name, Ed.
  • If he really got an 85%, then why is he so bad at driving
  • This zombie belongs to Antonio, TheNileQuacadile, IAmDawny, and of course LuigiFan00001.

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