Watch out for Boom Bam sneaky attacks! he lived and trains alone in the jungle, so he must be strong.'Don't get boomed!
Dr. Zomboss

Boom Bam is a plant hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and the leader of the Kabloom and Mega-Grow classes. His signature superpower is Leaf Torpedo, which deal 4 damages here and 1 next door.

He is the hero version of Bamboom .


He is based on a bamboo.

His name is just bamboom swapped place


  • Classes: KabloomMega-Grow
  • Superpowers:
  • Boss Fights:
    • Zombie Mission ??: Fight at the bamboo forest
    • Zombie Mission ??: Jungle master
    • Zombie Mission ??: Booming bamboo ballad
    • Zombie Mission ??: Love at it finest
  • Battle Area: Bamboo forest

Hero description

Don't try putting flour and egg yolk at his bamboo holes, he shot it back at you... after making it a cake and eating it.


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Strategy decks

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  • This hero is the first plant hero to have a canon class.
  • Boom Bam is the hero counterpart of Bamboom, even though both does not look the same
  • This was made by Dzaky84.
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