Bodily Ed (or Sex Ed) has 1 strength and 3 health. He cost 3 brains and is part of the brainy class.

Bodily Ed

He has no traits.

His ability is: At the end of the turn: conjure a card from a different class.

He is a science Ed zombie and is rare.

Description: Don't worry... Still a virgin...




This is perfect for getting cards from different classes. This means you'll get 2 cards at the end of the turn instead of getting 1- perfect for dinoroar cards. You also have a chance of conjuring Ed cards for that Ed synergy. If you want this to live longer to conjure more cards then you can raise his health with tricks like healthy treat or Big Bulk. Or you can make this untrickable with parasol zombie.


If you hold a grudge for people having more cards than you or something like that, then you should get rid of this. You can get rid of this with a trick like berry blast or just use a 3 strength plant to take this down. If you don't care about the opponent conjuring cards, then you shouldn't worry about this too much; it doesn't have that much strength or health. Just remember, Ed could conjure a legendary card or another zombie with synergy to this.


  • Bodily's Ed original name was "Sex Ed" which is a class you take in middle school that teaches you about the reproductive system and stuff like that.
  • It was change due to the game, PVZ Heroes being for littler kids.
  • His ability is based on something in sex Ed.
  • This Zombie belongs to Antonio, IAmDawny, TheNileQuacadile, and of course LuigiFan00001.

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