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After a large silver comet smashed into the ground somewhere around Hollow Earth, bright flashes of light and energy called “Quicksilvers” started appearing all over the place. Dr. Zomboss wanted to harness their energy to fulfill his own evil desires, while Crazy Dave wished to inquire about the Quicksilvers’ opinions on tacos. After a little while, it was realized that the Quicksilvers were generally traversing in a loose circle around a massive tear in reality. Upon going through the tear, there laid an endless realm filled with silver forests and magnificent mountains. However, once your evil neighborhood voodoo master Ezili heard of this, she attempted to capture Quicksilvers for herself. Now the Plants, with the help of the mighty Begonia Bonfire, whose mercy is as short as her temper, must stop Ezili before each and every Quicksilver is gone! Go to the store and purchase Quicksilver Quarantine packs now!


You can pay gems to swap a copy of a card for another of the same rarity with people on your friends list, it sends a popup asking to trade. Only the player who wants to send the popup needs to pay gems. There is a 15 minute cooldown on accepting a trade request, and an hour cooldown on sending a trade request. Show below are the max number of cards per single trade and the cost in gems to trade.

  • Uncommon: 4x for 4x(Costs nothing to trade)
  • Rare: 3x for 3x (Costs 5 gems to trade)
  • Super-Rare: 2x for 2x (Costs 10 gems to trade)
  • Legendary: 1x for 1x (Costs 50 gems to trade)
  • Event: 2x for 2x (Costs 25 gems to trade)

Rematch and Add as Friend

Added a button after a match to request a rematch with the opponent. Both players must click the button to actually do a rematch battle. You can add your opponent as a friend in your friend list after a battle as well, but it sends a request and tells you how long ago you played them.

Card Changes:


  • Pismashio now has 420px and an ability: When Played: All Nuts in your hand get +120px.
  • Loco Coco is now a 5-cost 520px/520px and makes Wall-Nuts here and next door.
  • Pumpkin Shell is now a 320px/620px that gives the fused Plant +620px.
  • Grizzly Pear now has an ability: When hurt, all other Animals get +120px.
  • Cosmic Nut now costs 320px.
  • Guacodile now has 420px.
  • Starch Lord is now a 320px/520px.
  • Galacta-Cactus now has 120px.
  • Pear Cub now costs 2 20px and has 220px.
  • Pea-Nut now costs 220px but only has 320px.
  • Sting Bean now has 220px but is no longer Amphibious.
  • Primal Potato Mine now does 4 damage.
  • Wall-Nut Bowling now costs 820px.
  • Forget-Me-Nuts now has 220px.
  • Spineapple now costs 220px.
  • Jugger-Nut now has an ability: When a Nut is hurt, that Nut gets +120px.
  • Potato Mine now does 3 damage.
  • Primal Potato Mine now does 4 damage.
  • Shamrocket now conjures a Leafy card.
  • Cactus now costs 120px but has 420px and Team-Up.
  • Primal Wall-Nut now has 820px.
  • Plantern now costs 220px but is a 220px/320px.
  • Body-Gourd now has 720px.


  • Bullberry is now Quicksilver-Uncommon. The Uncommon version costs 320px.
  • Mars-Shroom is now Quicksilver-Uncommon.
  • Escape Peanut Pod is Quicksilver-Uncommon. Renamed to Escape Pod. Now a Pea Plant with a new texture. (Ya' know, this card used to be a part of TomFOolery2's set, Wild Unlife. You should check it out. No, this is TOTALLY not Tom writing this. I-He would never write this. Never)
  • Shelf Mushroom now has 320px and does 3 damage.
  • Sonic Bloom now has 220px and costs 320px.
  • Zapricot now has an ability: When Played: Do 2 damage to a Zombie with 320px or more.
  • Hot Lava now costs 020px.
  • High-Voltage Currant now has 220px.
  • Gloom-Shroom now has 620px and 620px and the Evolution effect requires any Plant, not just a Mushroom.
  • Sizzle now costs 420px and does 6 damage.
  • Shroom for Two now costs 220px.
  • Kernel Corn now does 4 damage and is a 720px/720px.
  • Transfiguration now does not care if the Plant survives or not but only affects other Plants and has 520px.
  • Bluesberry now costs 420px and has 320px/320px.
  • Poison Oak now has 720px.
  • Invasive Species now costs 220px.
  • Imitator now costs 320px and is a 220px/220px.
  • Poion Ivy now has 220px.
  • Atomic Bombegranate now costs 420px and has 320px.
  • Poison Mushroom now has 220px.
  • Lava Guava now costs 420px.
  • Banana Bomb now can do damage to the Zombie Hero.
  • Lava Guava now costs 420px.
  • Cherry Bomb now does 5 damage.
  • Banana Launcher now has 420px.
  • Cro-Magnolia now has 520px.
  • Fireweed now has 320px.
  • Petal-Morphosis now costs 320px, transforms the plant into a random plant that costs more 20px and draws a card.
  • Cosmic Mushroom now has 320px/320px.
  • Molekale now costs 520px and is a 420px/520px.

Toxic ClassMEGA-GROW:

  • The removed Evergreen by TomFOolery2 is now Quicksilver-Super-Rare. Be green. Renamed to "Forevergreen”. (Same as Escape Peanut Pod)
  • Podfather now has 320px.
  • Grape Power now costs 220px.
  • Split Pea now has 220px.
  • Potted Powerhouse now costs 520px.
  • Gatling Pea now has 520px.
  • Muscle Sprout now has Team-Up.
  • Banana Split now has 520px/520px.
  • Bamboozle now has Team-Up and costs 520px.
  • Sweet Pea now has 420px.
  • Expresso Fiesta now costs 720px.
  • Clique Peas now only shuffle one into your deck but don’t make the additional Clique Peas cost more.
  • Black-Eyed Pea now costs 320px.
  • Plucky Clover now costs 420px.
  • Party Thyme now draws a card whenever a Plant or a Zombie does a bonus attack.
  • Grow-Shroom now gives a Plant or itself +220px/+220px.
  • The Red Plant-it now costs 420px but only gives +420px/+420px.
  • Doubled Mint now has 220px.
  • Moonbean now has 420px.
  • Captain Cucumber now has 520px.
  • Plant Food costs 320px.
  • Super Phat Beets now costs 520px.
  • Bananasaurus Rex now has 220px/220px. When played, draw a card.
  • Cosmic Pea now has 320px.
  • Re-Peat Moss now costs 320px but has 120px/220px but the ability activates whenever a Trick is played.
  • Half-Banana now has Team-Up and Amphibious.
  • Vegetation Mutation now gives +220px/+320px.
  • Pod Fighter now costs 420px.


  • Sappy Place is now called "Sappy Ending" and is a Quicksilver - Uncommon. It costs 220px.
  • Sap-Fling is now costs 320px and has 420px/120px.
  • Navy Bean now costs 120px but has 120px/120px
  • Mars Flytrap now has 20pxBullseye.
  • Lightning Reed now has 120px but costs 120px.
  • Go-Nuts is now a 320px/320px.
  • Tricorn now costs 520px but only has 420px.
  • Witch Hazel now has 420px, costs 320px and has Team-Up.
  • Spyris now has 220px.
  • Vanilla now has Team-Up.
  • Pineclone now costs 320px but only has 220px.
  • Sow Magic Beans now draws a card again.
  • Smoosh-Shroom now has an ability: When Played: This gets +420px this turn if there is a Zombie here.
  • Brainana now has 420px.
  • Pear Pal now costs 120px.
  • Winter Squash now has 520px.
  • Leaf Blower now has 420px.
  • Melon-Pult now costs 420px and has 520px.
  • Snapdragon now costs 320px.
  • Sportacus now costs 420px.
  • Jolly Holly now costs 420px and has 320px.
  • Snake Grass now has 320px and Team-Up.
  • Bean Counter now costs 320px and has 320px/320px. His ability makes the Weenie Beanies cost 120px less.
  • Iceberg Lettuce now conjures a Leafy card.
  • Grave Mistake now costs 120px but no longer draws a card.
  • Snowdrop now costs 220px.
  • Cosmic Bean now costs 120px.
  • Lily Pad now has 220px.
  • Admiral Navy Bean now costs 220px.
  • Chilly Pepper now costs 220px but has 120px.
  • Jumping Bean now costs 420px and has 320px.
  • Jelly Bean now has 420px.
  • Shooting Starfruit now has 120px.


  • Pumpking’s Prince now is Quicksilver-Uncommon. He also is now a 220px/320px.
  • Toadstool now costs 520px and has 520px.
  • Polyp is now Quicksilver-Uncommon.
  • Sunnier-Shroom now has 520px.
  • Squash now conjures a card from the Squash tribe when played and can destroy Gravestones.
  • Smashing Pumpkin now has an ability: When this destroys a Zombie: Conjure a Squash card and it costs 120px less.
  • Sun-Shroom now has 120px but costs 120px.
  • Elderberry now costs 320px.
  • Kernal-Pult now costs 020px.
  • Laser Bean is now a 520px/720px and now has an ability: When Played: All Beans in your hand have Strikethrough this turn.
  • 2nd Best Taco of All Time is now called “Magic Taco”.
  • Sunflower Seed now costs 220px.
  • Water Balloons now cost 120px and simply give the affected zombie -220px/-220px.
  • Wing-Nut is now a 220px/620px but is now Amphibious.
  • Briar Rose now costs 520px and has 320px.
  • Primal Sunflower now has 220px.
  • Cob Cannon is now a 720px/720px.
  • Cosmic Flower now costs 220px and has 220px.
  • Cosmoss now has 120px.
  • Twin Sunflower now has 420px.
  • Magnifying Grass now has 220px.
  • Apple Saucer now gets Strikethrough if you made at least 320px this turn.
  • Chomper now costs 320px but only destroys with 220px or less.
  • Sage Sage is now a 320px/220px and draws a card no matter what. If you made at least 420px this turn, you get 2 cards.
  • Morning Glory now has 120px/120px and gets +220px/+220px if you made at least 520px this turn.
  • Astrocado now has 420px.
  • Fume-Shroom now has 320px/120px.
  • Bloomerang now costs 320px and has 420px.
  • Three-Headed Chomper now has 720px/720px.
  • Heartichoke now has 420px/320px.
  • Venus Flytraplanet now costs 320px.
  • Pepper M.D. is now “Dr. Pepper” and has 120px.
  • Haunted Pumpking now has 320px and Team-Up.
  • Tactical Cuke now conjures a Fruit card.


  • 8-bit Zombie is now Quicksilver-Uncommon and has 20pxUntrickable instead of Afterlife. Renamed to "8-Bit Zombie".
  • Locust Swarm now conjures a Pet when played and destroys all Plants in the lane.
  • Overstuffed Zombie now has 520px.
  • Smashing Gargantuar is now a Professional Gargantuar Zombie.
  • B-Flat now costs 320px and draws a card.
  • Zookeeper no longer is a Professional and is only a Pet.
  • You can choose a lane to bounce all Plants in with Dolphinado now.
  • Zombot 9000 now costs 1020px but has 1020px/1020px and Gravestone.
  • Secret Agent now gives the bounced Zombie +420px/+420px.
  • Cat Lady now has 320px.
  • Deep Sea Gargantuar now costs 5 but only has 620px and 620px.
  • Octo Zombie’s bounced versions cost 120px more each time.
  • Extinction Event now conjures a History Card and it costs 120px less.
  • Pied Piper now has 220px.
  • Supernova Gargantuar now has 620px.
  • Dolphin Rider now has 420px/320px.
  • Coffee Zombie now has 520px.
  • Going Viral now costs 420px.
  • Ancient Vimpire now costs 520px but has 420px/620px.
  • Hover-Goat 3000 now has 220px/420px.
  • Maniacal Laugh now gives +720px/+720px.
  • Primordial Cheese Shover now has 420px.
  • Kangaroo Rider now has 520px.
  • Mondo Bronto is no longer Amphibious.
  • Area 22 now costs 220px.
  • Cyborg Zombie now says that the Vengeful Cyborg will have 520px/620px.
  • Vengeful Cyborg now costs 6 and is a 420px/420px but now has an ability: While in your hand: This gets +120px when a Zombie gains 20px.
  • Cosmic Yeti now has 420px.
  • Sneezing Zombie now costs 320px and has 320px.
  • Biodome Botanist now has 320px.
  • Yeti Lunchbox now costs 020px.
  • Zombie Yeti now costs 320px.
  • Haunting Ghost is now “Poltergeist” and is a 320px 320px/320px Monster Zombie with Amphibious that gives a Plant -120px/-120px.
  • Haunting Zombie now costs 120px, has 220px/220px and bounces itself when it dies.
  • Alien Ooze gives -320px/-320px to a Plant when not on heights or an environment and -720px/-720px if the Plant is.
  • Total Eclipse now costs 120px.
  • Cheese Cutter now has Gravestone.
  • Intergalactic Bounty Hunter now makes the card drawn cost 120px less.


  • Mad Chemist now has 520px.
  • Pool Shark now has 420px.
  • Trickster now has 720px/720px.
  • Trick-or-Treater now has 320px.
  • Space Cadet is now a Quicksilver-Uncommon and has an ability: While in your hand: When you play a Science Zombie, this costs 120px less.
  • Thinking Cap now conjures 3 Superpowers.
  • Pirate’s Booty now costs 320px.
  • Shieldcrusher Viking now has Gravestone.
  • Beam Me Up now has a new design, which is the effect used in game and a new card icon which is also the effect. This is because Space Cadet is now a normal card.
  • Leprechaun Imp is now a 220px/120px that shuffles 2 Pots of Gold into your deck.
  • Chimney Sweeper is now a 220px/220px that has +1 strength on heights.
  • Moonwalker now has 320px.
  • Cell Phone Zombie now costs 120px.
  • Drum Major now has an ability: When a Zombie activates its ability: You gain +120px.
  • Hail-A-Copter now costs 420px and has a new flavor text: Beats hailing a cab..
  • Copter Commando now has 520px and now has an ability: Science Evolution: This does a bonus attack. It also now has Amphibious and a new flavor text: Gravity never loses. The best you can hope for is a draw..
  • Regifting Zombie now, once more, costs 220px.
  • Moonwalker now has 320px.
  • Gentleman Zombie now has 120px.
  • Parasol Zombie now has 520px.
  • Zom-Blob now has 620px.
  • Portal Technician now costs 420px and has 520px.
  • Neutron Imp now has Amphibious.
  • Evolutionary Leap now costs 120px but no longer draws a card.
  • Wizard Gargantuar now has 720px.
  • Mad Chemist now costs 520px but conjures a trick every time one is played.
  • Interdimensional Zombie now costs 220px but now transforms into a random zombie that costs 220px more when a Science card is played. It keeps this ability when it transforms.
  • Mustache Monument now has 420px.
  • Cosmic Scientist now costs 220px.
  • Zombot Dinotronic Mechasaur now has 720px.
  • Cell Phone Zombie now costs 120px and is a 220px/220px.
  • Kitchen Sink Zombie now has 520px.
  • Cryo-Brain now draws a card.
  • Medulla Nebula now costs 220px and gives 320px again.


  • Cuckoo Zombie now has an ability: When Destroyed: Do 1 damage to all Plants here.
  • Quickdraw Con Man now has Gravestone.
  • Headhunter now costs 320px but has 320px.
  • Disco Zombie now has 220px.
  • Conga Zombie now costs 120px but now has 120px.
  • Zombot’s Wrath now does 4 damage and will do 6 damage if there are Zombies in at least 4 lanes.
  • Gargantuar-Throwing Imp now costs 420px and has 420px and 320px.
  • Gizzard Lizzard now has 420px.
  • Monster Mash now costs 420px.
  • Valkyrie now has Gravestone, costs 420px and has 520px.
  • Zombie’s Best Friend is now a 220px/220px.
  • Cakesplosion now does 5 damage and draws a card.
  • Stupid Cupid now has 320px.
  • Aerobics Instructor now has 120px/420px.
  • Disco-Tron 3000 now costs 520px and has 520px.
  • Gargantuar’s Feast now costs 1020px.
  • Disco-Naut now affects Zombies with 320px or less again.
  • Moon Base Z now costs 220px.
  • Orchestra Conducter now costs 320px and is a 120px/220px.
  • Foot Soldier Zombie now has 420px and doesn’t care if it’s on heights or not.
  • Loose Cannon now has 220px.
  • Quasard now has 320px/320px.
  • Gas Giant now has 620px.
  • Mystery Egg now costs 020px.


  • Zombie is now Quicksilver- Uncommon and costs 020px.
  • Bonus Track Buckethead now has 420px.
  • Zombie Middle Manager now has a fedora and a blue tie. He attacks by throwing a suitcase.
  • Jurassic Fossilhead now has 420px.
  • Stompadon now costs 320px but has 320px.
  • Leftovers now costs 120px.
  • Primeval Yeti now costs 420px.
  • Chum Champion now costs 420px.
  • Undying Pharoah now costs 520px and has 720px.
  • Rolling Stone can now only destroy Plants on the ground.
  • Cone Zone now costs 320px.
  • Terrify now costs 120px.
  • Ra Zombie now costs 420px and is a 420px/520px.
  • Team Mascot now has 320px but has Gravestone.
  • Gargalogist now costs 320px but has 420px.
  • Rodeo Gargantuar now has 520px/620px but costs 520px.
  • Zombie Coach now has 420px.
  • Camel Crossing now costs 220px.
  • Screen Door Zombie now has 520px/520px but no longer is a Gravestone.
  • All-Star Zombie now has an ability: When a Sports Zombie is played, it gets +220px this turn.
  • Cosmic Sports Star now costs 220px.
  • Zombie King now has 620px.
  • Turquoise Skull Zombie now costs 520px.
  • Sumo Wrestler now costs 320px.
  • Arm Wrestler now has 120px.
  • Planetary Gladiator now has 420px.
  • Knight of the Living Dead now costs 620px but has 520px and now has an ability which gives all History Zombies +120px/+120px when a History card is played.
  • Zombology Teacher now has 220px.
  • Genetic Experiment now has 220px, is a Gravestone, and gets +120px/+120px regardless of a Zombie being next door.
  • Zombot Battlecruiser nw has 720px and gives all Zombies 20pxUntrickable this turn as well.
  • Monster Mash now costs 420px.
  • Turkey Rider now costs 220px and has 320px.


  • Zombie Chicken's flavor text is now "Why did the Zombie Chicken cross the road? To eat your brains!"
  • Graveyard now gives gravestones revealed there +120px.
  • Captain Flameface now has 520px.
  • Space Pirate now has 320px.
  • Ice Pirate now has 220px.
  • Laser Base Alpha now costs 420px.
  • Fire Rooster now has 220px.
  • Cryo-Yeti is now a Gravestone and 420px.
  • Dr. Spacetime now has 620px.
  • Smelly Zombie now has 320px.
  • Unthawed Viking is now a 5-cost 320px/320px that says “When Played: 20pxFreeze all Plants here and in the water. Pirate Evolution: 20pxFreeze all Plants in all lanes and any Plants they draw or conjure this turn. This gets +220px/+220px.”
  • Blowgun Imp now costs 420px.
  • Zombie High Diver now costs 220px and has Amphibious.
  • Toxic Waste Imp now longer has Amphibious.
  • Line Dancing Zombie now has 220px.
  • Surprise Gargantuar now has 720px.
  • Hot Dog Imp now has 120px.


  • Acid Rain now gives -220px/-120px.
  • Big Chill now freezes a Zombie or a Gravestone. It still draws a card.
  • Blazing Bark remains the same.
  • Bubble Up now can move the Plant as if it had Team-Up and Amphibious, even if the Plant does not have them.
  • Carried Away can now move the Zombie into the Water even if the Zombie does not have Amphibious.
  • Cut Down to Size now destroys all Plants in a lane with 420px or more and draws a card.
  • Dance-Off now makes two Backup Dancers but they get Amphibious.
  • Devour now destroys a Zombie that does not have the lowest 20px.
  • Dolphinado now bounces all Plants in a random lane.
  • Embiggen now gives +320px/+220px.
  • Ensign Uproot can move Gravestones and Enviroments as well.
  • Evaporate no longer draws a card.
  • Eureka now conjures 4 random cards.
  • Frozen Tundra now draws a card.
  • Galvanize now gives +220px/+320px.
  • Genetic Amplification remains the same.
  • Geyser now draws a card.
  • Goatify now transforms a Zombie with the highest 20px or 20px into a Goat and removes that Goat’s ability.
  • Heroic Health now draws a card.
  • Holo-Flora now draws three cards.
  • Ice Moon remains the same.
  • In-Crypted remains the same.
  • Iron Boarder now has Amphibious.
  • Lieutenant Carrotron now has 320px and 220px.
  • Lightspeed Seed now conjures three tricks.
  • Meteor Strike now draws a card.
  • Missile Madness now does 4 damage to a Plant and does 1 damage to all other Plants and now draws a card.
  • More Spore now makes two Puff-Shrooms.
  • Mush-Boom now does 3 damage and destroys any Gravestones in the lane.
  • Nut Signal remains the same.
  • Octo-Pult now makes a 320px/320px Octo-Pet that says: When you play a Pet, this gets +120px.
  • Peel Shield now gives all Plants +120px as well.
  • Possessed now gives +320px.
  • Power Pummel now affects Heights and the Ground.
  • Precision Blast now draws a card and does 6 damage.
  • Rock Wall now gives +620px.
  • Root Wall now gives +320px too.
  • Scorched Earth now gives -120px/-220px.
  • Shrink Ray now gives a Plant -320px.
  • Slammin’ Smackdown remains the same.
  • Staying Alive now draws a card.
  • Storm Front now gives +220px/+220px.
  • Summoning remains the same.
  • Sunburn now does 3 damage.
  • Super Stench now only gives 20pxDeadly for the turn but gives all cards in your hand 20pxDeadly for that turn as well.
  • Tator Toss now draws a card and Hothead deals 7 damage.
  • Telapathy now draws three cards.
  • Teleportation Station remains the same.
  • Terror-Former 10,000 remains the same.
  • Time to Shine now draws a card.
  • Transmorgify now draws a card.
  • Triple Threat now draws a card.
  • Uncrackable remains the same.
  • Weed Whack now draws a card.
  • Whirlwind now can bounce Gravestones.
  • Witch’s Familiar now draws a card and makes a 220px/220px Zom-Bats that draw a card whenever they do damage to anything.


  • Today’s Challenges are now Daily Challenges.
  • Hunt has an icon: 20px.
  • Splash Damage now has an icon: 20px.
  • Attacks here and next door has been streamlined to Spread and has an icon: 20px.
  • If you have 4 copies of all the cards/own all the heroes that a pack can give you, it now automatically recycles the cards and tells you how many sparks you received.
  • Heroes can be obtained in all Set Packs.
  • Options added to see cards in order in your collection by, newest (ascending), high cost (ascending), low cost (descending), rarity (ascending), set (descending), usage (ascending), recently balanced (ascending).
  • All Event Cards now Cost 2000 sparks to craft and recycle for 1000 sparks.
  • Surprise Battles now have a seperate button to enter one.
  • Plant and Zombie Missions now have their Hero AI use Environments, Evolutions and Fusions more properly, and like a human player.
  • You can now report your opponent at the end of the match.
  • The Turn Timer now properly pauses during card animations.
  • You can now craft Heroes using 40,000 20pxSparks.
  • Added a confirmation to spending 20pxGems and beginning a Ranked Battle.
  • If your hand is full of cards, you can now block, and the superpower, if not immediately played, will appear to hover in the center, directly under the hero. If you play a card, the superpower will return to a normal position in your hand.
  • You can now utilize a setting to remove the friends counter icon when playing a game.
  • Moved the back button when editing a deck to a less obstructive location.
  • It now says what round it directly above the Turn Timer during a match.
  • You can now drag and drop a card to add/remove it from your deck in the deck builder.
  • All Signature Superpowers are now Signature Superpowers instead of Tricks, and will not count as Tricks.

Already-Added Changes

  • Primeval Yeti’s Flavor Text is now “What’s for lunch? Mostly solid stone.” because he opens his lunchblock. (Okay I think we can all agree that this actually happened, I came up with it before the update dropped!)

Spectator Mode

Selectable in the Battle Screen, next to Ranked and Casual, is an option to spectate matches. You can choose to watch either a random person’s battle, or a match being played by one of your friends! You can report or send a friend request to either player during the match. You can view the match later under a seperate tab in the Battle Log.

Battle Log

Clicking on the Battle Log icon on the main screen now lists all of your battles ever and shows replays. Can be sorted by game mode, month, year and duration. You can also delete replays and share them with friends.

New Traits

  • Stunned/Stun 20px- The affected Plant/Zombie can’t attack or use its ability for this turn. Solar Tomato, Ram Rider, Electro Dragon and other cards have this trait.
  • Dodge 20px- This Plant/Zombie moves to another lane when a Zombie/Plant enters this one. Zombie Chicken, Fire Rooster, Space Pirate and other cards now have this trait.

New Cards

See here: Quicksilver_Cards

To say we have a lot of work to do is an understatement. -Lapis

roasted ~TomFOolery2

Plant Cards

Name Card Image Tribe Ability 20px Cost 20px Strength 20px Health
30px Guardian
Quicksilver - Super-Rare
Saber Nut Nut Animal Plant When a Nut hurts a Zombie: Destroy that Zombie. Nut Evolution: All Nuts get +220px 6 6 7
30px Kabloom
Quicksilver - Uncommon
Hocus Poke-us Trick Do 1 damage to anything. 0 - -
Cassavary Seed Animal Plant 20pxAnti-Hero 2
Fusion: A Plant played on this gets 20pxAnti-Hero 2.
2 1 1
Aquatic Plant When this attacks, it targets two random Zombies. 8 2 5
Quicksilver - Super-Rare
Souring Strawbomb
Berry Plant All other berries do double damage. 2 5 7
Quicksilver - Legendary
Commando Cob Corn Plant 20pxBullseye. When anything is hurt: This gets +120px. 2 4 3
Echo Gecko
Fruit Animal Plant 20pxUntrickable
Do 3 damage to a Zombie here, then this moves to a random non-environment lane(unless there are none).
Fruit Evolution: Copy another Plant's stats.
6 2 6
Toxic Class Mega-Grow
Quicksilver - Super-Rare
Miracle Mix
File:Miracle Mix.png
Trick A Plant gets +420px/+520px and 20pxUntrickable. 5 - -
30px Smarty
Quicksilver - Uncommon
Sour Pea
Pea Plant When played: Move a Zombie away from this lane. 2 4 1
Aloe Silvera
Leafy Plant When played: destroy the zombie with the least health . 5 3 3
Quicksilver - Rare
Sow Dark Beans Bean Trick Gain a Dark Beanstalk.
Shuffle two Dark Beanstalks into your deck.
For the rest of the game, all Sow Dark Beans cost 120px more.
4 - -
Sky-Tree Tree Plant When Played on the Heights: This gets +220px for each card in your hand.
Tree Evolution: Conjure two Plants with height-related abilities.
4 - -
Quicksilver - Super-Rare
Coral Reef Animal Environment Amphibious. When an Animal is hurt here, draw a card. Environment Evolution: All cards in your hand become Animals. 3 - -
Dark Beanstalk Leafy Bean Plant When Played: The Zombie Hero draws a card. 2 5 4
30px Solar
Quicksilver - Legendary
Gilded Ginger
Root Plant Strikethrough. Fusion: Conjure a random Legendary and shuffle a random card into the Zombie Hero’s deck. 2 1 3
File:The Banhammer.png
Trick While in your hand:. This costs 120px less anything is played.
When Played: Destroy the Zombie Hero.
50 - -

New Game Modes

Heist: Both Heroes are represented as Vaults of different colors and there are no superpowers whatsoever. Both Vaults have 40 health instead of 20.

Time Bomb: The Hero with the lowest health looses instantly after the 10th round.

Rando’s Revenge: Both players’ decks are bottomless and consist of an infinite number of random cards from the entire game. You can hold 15 cards in your hand instead of 10.

New Heroes

Ezili 20px, 20px

Flavor Text: “Ezili is a wielder of dark arts and a manipulator of plants. Beware.”

Ezili can be purchased in the collection screen for 100020px. She cannot be found in any form of pack.


  • Signature Superpower: Necro Hex 20px/20px: Monster Signature Superpower. 20pxBullseye. Do 1 damage to the Plant Hero. The Plant Hero takes 1 damage at the start of every turn for the rest of the game. The Plant Hero’s 20px cannot go below 10 from this effect.
    • Flavor Text: “Wither and die!”
  • Jinx 20px: Superpower Trick. Halve a Plant’s 20px this turn. Double that Plant’s 20px for the turn after. Draw a card.
    • Flavor Text: “Begone, spirit!”
  • Sacrificial Totem 20px: Superpower Trick. 20pxBullseye. A Zombie gets +320px/+320px, Amphibious and 20pxFrenzy. Do 5 damage to the Zombie Hero. This damage is unaffected by the Block Meter.
    • Flavor Text: “Hahaha, what is your will?”
  • Heartstopper 20px: Superpower Trick. No Plant healing can take place this turn. Draw a card and it costs 120px less.
    • Flavor Text: “Embrace the darkness!”

Alpha-Corn 20px,20px (Made by TomFOolery2 uwu):

Flavor Text: "Do the individual nuts in Alpha-Corn’s mech know that they're a mech?"

Alpha-Corn can be purchased in the collection screen for 100020px. They cannot be found in any form of pack.


  • Signature Superpower: Nut Blast 20px/20px: Nut Signature Superpower. Do 5 damage split along 5 zombies or the zombie hero.
    • Flavor Text: "Cutting edge tech-nut-ogy."
  • Explode-o-Nut 20px: 020px/320px, Nut Superpower Plant. End of turn: Do 2 damage to zombies here and next door and this destroys itself. If destroyed by a zombie trick: This does 1 damage to zombies here and next door.
    • Flavor Text: "Nitroglycerine? More like NUTroglycerine."
  • Nut-Wall 20px: 020px/820px, Nut Superpower Plant. Team-up, Untrickable20px. Plants behind this get Untrickable20px.
    • Flavor Text: "The name Wall-Nut was already taken."
  • Shamrocket Strike 20px: Pinecone Superpower Trick. Destroy a random zombie with 420px or more. Draw a card.
    • Flavor Text: "Alpha-Corn's mech is equipped with everything, even an EPML (Explosive Pinecone Missile Launcher).”

Begonia Bonfire 20px,Toxic Class

Flavor Text: Begonia Bonfire believes there hasn't yet been a Zombie problem that can't be solved with fire. Lots of fire.

Begonia Bonfire can be purchased in the collection screen for 100020px. She cannot be found in any form of pack.


  • Signature Superpower: Firestorm 20px/Toxic Class: Flower Signature Superpower. Do 1 damage to each Zombie for each Plant. All Plants get +120px for each Zombie destroyed.
    • Flavor Text: “With enough fuel and air, everything burns!”
  • Heat It Up Toxic Class: Flower Superpower Trick. Double a Plant’s 20px and 20px.
    • Flavor Text: Is it just me, or is it getting stuffy in here?
  • Hovering Inferno 20px: 420px/220px, Flower Superpower Plant: 20pxBullseye . When this does damage, this gets +120px. End of turn: This does 1 damage to itself.
    • Flavor Text: The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire.
  • Simmering Smolders 20px: Flower Superpower Environment: Start of Turn: All Plants here get +120px. Do 3 damage to a Zombie here.
    • Flavor Text: If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun.

Ahnkhylosaurus 20px,20px (Made by Lapis. Yai yeet.):

Flavor Text: Ankhylosaurus is a primordial beast who specializes in cooking Plants to a nice medium rare. Just don’t tell him that’s not how cooking Plants works.

Ahnkhylosaurus can be purchased in the collection screen for 100020px. He cannot be found in any form of pack.


  • Signature Superpower: Desert Dragon 20px/20px: History Monster Signature Superpower. Destroy all Plants and Zombies with 20px not equal to 3 or 4. Draw a card.
    • Flavor Text: TBA
  • Unholy Flame 20px: Monster Superpower Trick. The Plant Hero loses 120px the next turn. You get +120px the next turn.
    • Flavor Text: Perfect for when you just want everything to burn.
  • Dark Light 20px: Superpower Trick. A Zombie gets 20pxUntrickable for this and the next turn. If a Plant damages this Zombie, they will get -120px.
    • Flavor Text: TBA
  • Sands of Set 20px: History Superpower Environment. End of Turn: Reset the stats of all fighters here. If a Zombie gets destroyed here, draw a card.
    • Flavor Text: TBA

Blitzwood Toxic Class,20px:

Flavor Text: TBA

Blitzwood can be purchased in the collection screen for 1000 20px. He cannot be found in any form of pack.


  • Signature Superpower: Smoldering Madness Toxic Class/20px: Tree Signature Superpower: For the rest of the game: All Plants get +1 20px/+1 20px.
    • Flavor Text:
  • Leaf Shield 20px: Leafy Superpower Trick: Your hero gets 20pxArmored 2 for three turns.
    • Flavor Text:
  • Napalm Torchwood Toxic Class: Tree Superpower Plant: 120px/320px: Peas behind this get 20pxDouble Strike.
    • Flavor Text:
  • Nut Stinger 20px: Nut Superpower Plant: 220px/420px: When played: Do 2 damage to a Zombie here.
    • Flavor Text:

Heli-Shredder 20px,20px:

Flavor Text: TBA

Heli-Shredder can be purchased in the collection screen for 100020px. They cannot be found in any form of pack.



Blue Moon 20px,20px:

Blue Moon can be purchased in the collection screen for 100020px. She cannot be found in any form of pack.

  • Flavor Text: “If you shoot for the stars and hit the moon, it's OK. But you've got to shoot for something. A lot of people don't even shoot.”


  • Signature Superpower: Solar Eclipse 20px/20px: Flower Signature Superpower: Choose a Plant or Environment. Conjure a copy of that Plant or Environment and it costs 120px less. Shuffle another Solar Eclipse into your deck.
    • Flavor Text: It’s best not to stare at the sun during an eclipse.
  • Grimrose 20px 120px/220px: Flower Superpower Plant: The first time each turn this destroys a Zombie: Destroy all copies of that Zombie and you get +120px.
    • Flavor Text: “When you think about it, the proper place for a Zombie is in the ground. So really, I’m just expediting the process.”
  • Hand of Shadows 20px: Superpower Trick: A Zombie loses its traits. Shuffle a Superpower into your deck.
    • Flavor Text: A single sunbeam is not enough to drive away many shadows.
  • Dark Valley 20px: Flower Superpower Environment: TBA
    • Flavor Text: When walking through the Dark Valley, remember, a shadow is cast by a light.

New Packs!

Basic Packs

Quicksilver Quarantine

  • Costs 10020px to open. Is like every other set pack, but with Quicksilver Quarantine’s card pool.

Victory Pack (Can be opened after 10 multiplayer games are won. Resets every 12 hours)

  • The Victory is like a bundle of 3 random set packs and is unlocked after 10 multiplayer games are won, every 12 hours.

Master Packs

With the addition of Quicksilver Quarantine, I felt it was necessary to add new packs as well. No multipacks for these puppies.

Lightning Pack (20020px)

  • The Lightning Pack is a Pack that costs 20020px. It guarantees 9 Cards and at least 3 Rares. However, when the Pack is done opening, you get 5 “Zaps”. The Zaps allow you to swap out a stack of cards in the pack for another stack of the same amount and rarity.

Sacrificial Pack (50020px)

  • The Sacrificial Pack is a Pack that costs 50020px. It guarantees 25 Cards and at least 10 Rares. However, when done, you must eliminate a total of 5 stacks, removing them from the rewards. Picks random stacks if you exit out of the game. You can get Event Cards from this Pack, but still no Heroes.

Fortune Pack (30020px)

  • The Fortune Pack is mystifying. It costs 300 Gems and has a popup in the main menu that shows you 5 Stacks of Cards with varying numbers for the day. You can get any of the stacks, but no other cards. Guaranteed 2 of the 5 stacks.. The available Stacks change on a day-to-day basis. No Heroes.

Legendary Pack (30020px)

  • Costs 30020px. Gives you a random legendary from any set.

Secret Pack (15020px)

  • Shh! The Secret Pack is top-secret! Costs 15020px. Is exactly like one and a half packs mixed together, but they are from random sets and you can’t see your rewards until the pack finishes opening.


  • Tournaments are special events selectable in the Battle screen. They require a set number of gems or a high enough rank to enter. Once the Tournament has started, players will be able to battle. The tournament lasts for a set length, and a battle can be started at any time.
  • The player will be matched with other players who have the same number of wins as them. The number of wins accrued by the player will be recorded in a purple shield, while the losses are denoted with red X's, placed within boxes.
  • During the Tournament, the player will be able to see the prize that they have accumulated, and the prize awarded on top of their current prize for the next win. Once the player has won 12 times or lost 3 times in total, the Challenge will automatically end, and the player will receive a pack containing their current prize (or top prize, if they have won 12 times).
  • Some tournaments force you to use a specific hero and deck for each side, or have other special tweaks to gameplay. Players must have been a level 20 player in any season of Ranked at some point to be able to join any tournaments.

Custom Tournaments

  • Gems are required to create a tournament. The creator of the tournament pays the gems. Participants do not pay gems to enter the tournament.
  • The duration of the tournament can be customized from 30 minutes to 1 day.
  • There are three options for making a tournament, a host may set.
  • Open - Where anyone can participate in the tournament.
  • Password Protected - Where players must enter a password to join the tournament.
  • Closed - Where no one can join the tournament.
  • The creator can set the battle type of the Tournament, either normal or using a Special Event Challenge rule.
  • Players will join a pool. In that pool, only players participating in the tournament can battle each other. Participants can battle others in the tournament at any time by pressing the Battle button in the Tournament interface.

Name Changes

Players can change their name once a season for free. If they want to change it a second time during the same season, it costs 10020px and you cannot do it a third time.

If you pick a bad name, that’s like a swear word or something that isn’t family friendly or something that you would say in front of your grandma we reserve the right to change it to something that you probably don’t want your name to be for the season. Some examples are “ToasterSweater38” and “TambourineRanger074”.

Strategy Decks

  • Green Shadow: Spicy Spinach (Features Savage Spinach)
  • Solar Flare: The Heal Deal (Features Lil' Buddy)

Template:PvZH Deck Builder

  • Chompzilla: Hammer Time (Featuring The Banhammer)

Template:PvZH Deck Builder

  • Spudow: Self-Inflicted Damage (Features Hot Lava)

Template:PvZH Deck Builder

  • Grass Knuckles: Root Rally (Features Apotatosaurus)

Template:PvZH Deck Builder

  • Nightcap: Infamous Infestation (Features Cassavary)

Template:PvZH Deck Builder

  • Rose: Aggrose (Features Sour Pea)

Template:PvZH Deck Builder

  • Beta-Carrotina: More Altitude (Features Lily of the Valley)
  • The Smash: Overtime (Features Gargantuar-Throwing Imp)
  • Professor Brainstorm: Four Score (Features Quickdraw Con Man)
  • Neptuna: Davy Jones’ Locker (Features Captain Flameface)
  • Huge-Gigantacus: Twice Upon a Time (Features Mustache Monument)

I ain't the best at strategy decks, but I can try. -Lapis

Remind me to finish making these decks later ~TomFOolery2

New Trait Icons :D

File:Hit Speed Icon.png
File:Time Icon.png
File:Area Icon.png
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